hey all :))

Hi Guys, I'm looking for some female friends, from 18 - 50 and who live anywhere in the world.
I'm 32 yrs old and looking to make friends with other bisexual or lesbian women. No guys please.
If anyones interested please hit me up!

Gender roles and mannerisms as a bisexual

Something has been bugging me for a bit now, and I guess I need some input from you lovely bisexuals, because I just know someone here will understand :)
My issue is, i'm having trouble with my flexible "role" in a relationship. Thing is, when i'm dating a female, my disposition is more dominant than when i'm with a male. I feel more in control, not necessarily butch, but more of a "top" than a bottom...I guess what i'm saying is, while i'm not the "girly girl" and I don't really act like a guy either. I guess the best way to put it in an analogy would be: I wouldn't be the one GIVING a strip tease for my partner, i'd be the one recieving it...

Now, to describe that same feeling, when i'm with a guy, (as I currently am and have been for the past 6 years), I AM the one giving a striptease. I usually AM the girly girl, but for some reason when i'm with a girl, all that goes out the window, and i'm the one wearing Timberland boots and white T's...

During sex with a guy, I DO want HIM to take charge, and BE the guy in the relationship-I WANT HIM to be dominant. During sex with a girl, I am the dominant one, I usually don't feel comfortable with penetration, etc, except for a few exceptions, and I am usually the one who would wear the strap on (LOL) and do everything to HER. And I like that, most of the time.

Don't get me wrong, I like that my mannerisms are so fluid, but sometimes it gets a bit confusing, and overwhelming...it also doesn't help that I haven't had any romantic attention from a female in so long that I feel like I have an erection that won't go away-except for it's my entire body...

Looking for friends

1) Your name: Becky or Rebekah
2) Location: Lorain, Ohio (It’s near Cleveland, Ohio)
3) Age: 27
4) Job: Novel and short story writer
5) Horoscope sign: Sagittarius
6) Eye color: Bottom of the lake blue
7) Original hair color: Dirty dish water Blonde
8) Current hair color: Black and red
9) Smoker: No

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